Creating long-term wealth for your business

Globalisation, economic crises as well as rapidly-changing technology can all place stress on your business.

In the ever-changing economic climate, we can enhance your business performance and increase your profits by:

  • designing appropriate structures (start-ups and restructures)
  • evaluating the impact of business strategies on cashflow, profitability and security
  • offering expert advice on buying and selling businesses
  • preparing exit, transition and succession plans
  • providing advisory and support services for initial public offering (IPO)
  • managing budget and cashflow and preparing profit projections
  • providing business valuations
  • assisting with capital and finance applications
  • negotiating contracts
  • preparing grants and business incentives reviews.

Are you meeting all your statutory obligations?

Keeping up with new legislation and the ever-changing taxation and superannuation landscape can be a daunting task. We can help you by:

  • planning your taxation
  • advising you on your superannuation obligations
  • preparing required financial reports
  • preparing monthly accounts
  • preparing margin and ratio analyses.

Staying a step ahead of your competitors

No matter how long you have been operating, a health check of your business can help identify opportunities for growth as well as alert you to potential problems.

Our financial and organisational health check will:

  • assess the viability of your business
  • measure your performance and identify opportunities for growth
  • benchmark your business against others in your industry

Your outsourced finance department

If you are a multinational company, we can pay your employees and suppliers as well as maintain your general ledger, provide monthly reports to your head office and prepare files for half-year and full-year audits.

For large organisations, we can maintain the executive payroll and provide additional accounting staff in overload situations. For small to medium businesses (SMEs) we provide a range of services from coordinating payroll and bookkeeping/general ledger support to acting as your chief finance officer (CFO).