Pharmaceutical and life sciences industries present unique challenges as leaps in technology and innovations often demand transformations in the way products/services are offered. This gets more complicated when shifts in demographic and economic factors are taken into consideration. At Accurate Accounting we know these complexities and offer professional services to businesses of all sizes- from start-up pharmaceutical companies to multi million dollar, multinational conglomerates.

We have years of experience working with organizations across the pharmaceutical industry. From proprietary & generic drug manufacturers to medical equipment suppliers to research organizations, we offer tailor made solutions to issues faced by each and every industry vertical.

We offer help in:

  • Pricing in accordance with government/authorities stipulations.
  • Designing viable business models.
  • IP/Trade Mark registrations, patents etc.
  • Market potential evaluation & competitive analysis.
  • SWOT –generics.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and disposal.
  • New market entry.

We understand the dynamics of relationships that exist between the manufacturers, agents, customers and the end consumers of the industry. We believe that delivering feasible solutions depend much on these invisible factors and always use our understanding to help companies attain their business goals.