Professional services are rendered by independent consultants or contractors. Often, conflicts of interest and the necessity for independent reporting prevent a company’s external auditors from assisting in this essential activity. Lack of relevant information would mean overlooking organizational opportunities and making ill-informed decisions that may have an adverse effect on the business. Professional services ensure following the industry standards while also meeting the needs of the customer.

Our qualified team ensures adherence to the regulations of the industry while also meeting customer expectations. We can actively assist you in identifying those aspects of your business that are vulnerable to risks and offer effective solutions and adequate resources that are required to remedy those risks. Far from being a commodity service, audits performed by our team help in adding value to your organization by serving as a springboard toward identifying tax, management and competitive opportunities. We don’t simply detect errors that have already occurred, but anticipate probable crises that could hit the organization, and find ways to minimize them. We adopt a straight forward approach to identify problematic areas, evaluate the specific risks businesses face and determine their possible impact on the financial performance. The net results are reports that are progressive in their outlook, in addition to being technically correct so as to provide the most complete picture possible of the clients’ financial situation.

Our services include:

  • Partnership structuring and profit sharing arrangements.
  • Service entity requirements.
  • Budgeting
  • Management accounting.
  • Key business indicators.
  • Compliance with taxation laws.
  • Trust account compliance.
  • Private taxation services for the partners.

How you benefit:

  • Efficient engagements.
  • Interactive process.
  • Industry concentration.
  • Agreed-upon procedures.