Our Advisory professionals work with you to cut through the complexity of today’s rapidly changing marketplace. We leverage the knowledge and skills across our global network of firms to develop practical recommendations designed to help you work smarter, grow faster and compete stronger.

We are trusted advisers to the world’s organizations. They choose us because we are known for our talented people, technical expertise, deep industry insights and our ability to get the job done.

Corporate Advisory

Where is your organization headed? Are you looking to grow or diversify through an acquisition or merger? Do you require capital or are you looking to list on the stock exchange? Is the best course of action to downsize and divest lower-performing assets? Or are you looking to exit from your existing business? These are the sort of questions we answer and act on every day.

Our highly experienced Global Corporate Advisor teams of corporate finance professionals throughout the world can help guide your organization through the tumultuous waters of mergers and acquisitions, accurately assessing your situation, and helping you put a successful strategy in place. The specific services Global Corporate Advisors can provide include:

  • Initial Public Offers
  • Acquisition Advisory
  • Divestiture Advisory
  • Management Buy-Outs & Buy-Ins