The hospitality industry is a prominent service sector that encompasses a wide gamut of services like accommodation, food, event planning, entertainment and recreation, tourism information etc.

The tourism sector in UAE is booming, with international luxurious hotels and globally accepted brands attracting more and more tourists from around the world literally every day. Investments pour in and rich dividends are generated by leading personalities. Accommodation faces growing demand and hotels constitute about 85% percent of the overall market.

Dubai is now one of the most popular tourist destinations, a chief factor behind the flourishing of the emirates. The deluxe hotels offer comfort and value to your stay while enjoying high occupancy rates. The presence of international hotel chains that include hotels and apartments, have effectively positioned the hospitality industry amid stiff competition. Dubai even boasts of having the only 7 star deluxe hotel in the world – Burj Al Arab.

We have a notable track record and excellent technical knowledge based on years of experience in the hospitality industry. Possessing globalized property management skills to cope with the complex needs of the market, our key role is in delivering you a successful, competent professional service that adds value to your entity. Clients rely on us for advice, information and direction on any hospitality venture, whether it be planning, designing, building and managing a hotel or working on hotel classification systems. We assist in providing real estate and mortgage brokerage, equity origination, asset management, development services, appraisal services, advisory services and litigation support. Our dedicated team engages in the full spectrum of hospitality real estate services with a view to adding value for the client. We strive to provide full-fledged services that are above and beyond your expectations.